A Visit to Hamburg

Are you planning a trip to Hamburg? It’s a great city! There’s so much to do and see here. Hamburg has a rich history that has left its mark on the city. If you are planning to arrive by air, book a flight that is scheduled to arrive well before 10 pm. To reduce noise for people living near the airport planes are not allowed to land after that time. If a flight is delayed depending on the airline it might be diverted to a nearby airport and passengers bussed to Hamburg which gets you to the city super late. Our British Airways flight did land later but some airlines choose to avoid the heavy fine they have to pay and drop you off wherever. Also most airport employees are off at 10 including immigration officials, so it took quite a long time to process everyone on our flight. From the airport you can catch a S-Bahn to Hauptbahnhof in the city center.

Kuddelmuddeltravel thinks the best way to experience a city is to walk it. When you walk along its street you get a feel for a place. You can people watch. And you find unexpected gems. So lets go for a walk together in Hamburg. We start at the new award winning concert hall the Elbphilharmonie. There is a parkade nearby if you are traveing by car. You can also catch a #6 bus and walk about 8 min. The U-Bahn stop Baumwall is about a 7 min walk away. If you are arriving at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof it’s about a 12 min walk.

Unfortunately we were unable to find tickets for a concert here. Some family members did manage to get some a few months ago and told me that it’s an amazing experience. There is a viewing platform however with a wonderful view of the harbor snd the city.


Now we walk along the the quays and explore the Speicherstadt the largest warehouse complex in the world. There is something for everyone to discover here. Spicy’s, the spice museum or the maritime museum for example.

Time for a snack? Let’s have a Fischbrötchen at a food truck or in a cafe! There are so many veriaties, something for everyone! You might see my favorite brew, Flensburger Dunkel, on tap or in its traditional flip top bottles. If beer is your thing, give this one a try!

From here we head toward the Landungsbrücken. If you are interested in a harbour tour, this is where you would book it. There are also some museum ships here that can be toured. Also in this area we find the old Elbtunnel which first opened to the public in 1911. It’s no longer used for cars. Our group took the elevator that used to transport the cars up and down. You can walk through there now, it’s 426 m long.

After the Elbtunnel head north to Planten an Blomen, a beautiful 47 ha park and botanical garden complete with conservatories full of tropical plants.

Planten en Blomen

Next stop the Binnenalster, the smaller of 2 artificial lakes in the city center. Walk along Jungfernstieg and enjoy window shopping the stylish shops in the colonnade. We then met a cousin who lives in Hamburg for lunch in the Alsterpavillion, one of her favorite restaurants. It has beautiful view of the water. After lunch she wanted to show us the Rathaus (city hall) a gorgeous 19th century building. Tours are conducted almost daily in German, English and French.

Another day you might want to rent bikes and cycle along the Elbe river or around the Aussenalster. Citycycles rent a veriaty of bikes including children’s bikes and child carriers. They also do tours. Click here to rent a bike or book a tour. Now what? Bikemap has 316 cycling routes to offer in the city. Routes are mostly flat. So get out there and enjoy!


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