Postcards from Andalusia – Nerja

When we first arrived at the Malaga airport we met a woman on her way to Nerja, and she told us that it was the most beautiful town on the Costa del Sol. Finally we are able to check it out for ourselves!

Cuevas de Nerja

Our first destination are the famous caves. Once again we take advantage of travelling in the off season. There is plenty of room in the parking lot, and we didn’t have to buy our tickets in advance. They only allow a limited number of people into the cave at a time, so when you purchase your tickets there is a time on it when you need to be at the entrance. We didn’t have a long wait before we could get in, and to pass the time there is an interessting botanical garden that features native plants and a restaurant on the site.

Cuevas de Nerja
Cuevas de Nerja

Before entering the cave you are shown a short film that explains the amazing rock formations and especially its human history. Cuevas de Nerja was inhabited by early humans, and several prehistoric rock paintings have been found here. The film explains that the paintings are extremely light sensitive and can therefore not be shown to the public.Cuevas de Nerja

The cave is still worth a visit though because it has some of the most spectacular stalactites and stalagmites I have ever seen. The tour lasts about 45 mins, so even if you are not crazy about being underground like me, it’s not too long. Also the cave is warm, no extra clothes are needed!

The Nerja Museum

After visiting the caves we headed into the town center and visted the museum there. The prehistoric finds from the cave are displayed on the lowest level. Since at some time the cave was used for burials there are some human skeletons as well as tools and jewelry.

The upper floors progressively show the fascinating history of this area. The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors all left there mark. More recently yet there were plantations of sugar cane here and sugar mills that processed the cane. The remains of all of these cultures can be seen all over the surrounding countryside.

Balcon de Europa

Near the museum in the center of Nerja you also find the Balcon de Europa, a plaza overlooking the sea. There are always buskers and also a craft market, great for unusual souvenirs and an amazing view. So have a coffee or some tapas and enjoy the atmosphere.

Balcon de Europa
the Mediterranean is in a bit of a mood today
Balcon de Europa
Cannon on display at Balcon de Europa
Balcon de Europa
the sunsets are always amazing here

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