Postcards from Andalusia – the Costa del Sol

Do you love beaches? Silly question, right? The Costa del Sol is famous for its amazing beaches, and in the summer months thousands flock here to enjoy the fabulous weather and warm Mediterranean Sea. In the winter there is a different, more peaceful feel. The weather is still wonderful. We visited in December and early January and most days the temperature was between 15 and 20 degrees, perfect for taking long walks on the beach with very few people around. This post will focus on three of our favorite beach towns.

Parrots, Costa del Sol
These little parrots joined us on the beach


Located 51 km east of Malaga City Torrox is easy to reach by car using the A7. There is also a great bus connection, see schedule here. Torrox is one of these communities that really caters to the tourist and expat trade. There are beautifully landscaped condominium complexes all along the coast along with discount supermarkets familiar to Europeans like Aldi and Lidl. It’s common to see doctors and lawyers advertising that they provide services in multiple languages. No wonder so many people from northern Europe and elsewhere are moving here full time.

There is history here too. The Faro de Torrox is a beautiful historic lighthouse. Also located on this site are the remains of a Roman villa with some very pretty mosaics. Close by there are also the foundations of a Roman fish sauce factory.

Faro de Torrox
Faro de Torrox

Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar is located about 36 km from Malaga, and you get there along the same highway or bus route as Torrox. This town also caters to tourists with its many shops and restaurants. We found the most amazing place to eat here. Tabule is new and eager to please. It’s located on C/La Gaviota 2, this is a business frontage road off the main street through the town. They are a family business and serve wonderful Lebanese food and make you feel part of the family. If you go to Torre del Mar check them out!


Ricon de la Victoria

Of the 3 town we’ll look at in this post Ricon de la Victoria is the least touristy. We found a great market here with colorful displays of fruits and vegetables and pretty much anything else you can think to buy. The beach is lovely, and we had amazing weather the day we visited, 20 degrees on January 2nd, can’t beat that! So we took a long walk on the beach. There is also an old watchtower on a bit of the cliff overlooking the sea. After our walk we had a leisurely afternoon in one the chiringuitos, beachfront fish restaurants, that you find everywhere along this coast. Out front you see a boat filled with stones and sand with olive wood slowly burning. The fish is put on skewers and placed in front of this smokey fire for a very special flavor. Spanish families love coming to these places. It’s a very leisurely way to eat, be prepared to spend most of the afternoon here enjoying the food, the view of the sea and people.

Ricon de la Victoria
Watchtower at Ricon de la Victoria


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