A Relaxing Day at Scandinave Spa -Whistler

Spaaaaa. Who doesn’t love the thought of going to the spa for the day? Fuzzy robes, slippers, cucumber water… a full day of pampering and relaxation. Yes please! I am probably one of the most tightly wound people ever. I have a very hard time relaxing and letting go. How do I deal? Step one: plan a weekend free from all responsibility with the bestie. Step two: don’t let aforementioned bestie talk you into doing something that terrifies you (for me it was ziplining, which turned out to be actually amazing, but I didn’t know that at the time. More on that later.) Step three: book yourselves in for massages and a relaxing day at the spa where you aren’t allowed to have your phone with you so no one from your stressful life or job can reach you.

My BFF and I have been talking about doing a spa day for literally years, but life always got in the way. Recently we started doing annual girls trips to Whistler, British Columbia and decided it was finally our chance! We did a lot of research on the many spa’s in Whistler to find one where we could spend the most time without eating too much into our avocado budget. Scandinave Spa seemed like the best option for everything we were looking for in a spa day.

Any massage booking includes a day pass to the baths. Insider tip, some Costco locations in the Lower Mainland have a gift card package where you get two $50 gift cards for $80. So we grabbed several of those before hitting the Sea to Sky highway on our way up to Whistler. We booked Swedish massages for fairly early in the day so we could spend the whole rest of the day in the baths area. Okay so not actually that early.. we needed to have a delish breakfast at Crêpe Montagne first and it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, so who wants to get up at the crack of dawn. Not me, thats for sure! And my bestie has a mini her who likes to wake up super early every day, so she was down for sleep in days too.

Full of crêpe and satisfaction, we headed up to Scandinave Spa. Its about a 5 min drive from the Lower Village. If you want to skip the massage because for some reason you aren’t a fan of a stranger rub down you can get a day pass to the the baths for just under $80 with no reservation needed. As I mentioned we went with the Swedish option. There are deep tissue, and massages by registered therapists as well. We were going for strictly relaxation so Swedish worked good for us. Side point, its not the smartest idea to eat a huge meal before you are planning on lying on your stomach for an hour, just saying. Make sure you arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork before your appointment starts and to have time to pay for the treatments you are getting.

After checking in, we headed down to the locker room to change. Then our relaxation journey officially began. Off to the massage pavilion for our treatments. Once we were finished we met back up before heading to the baths.

By this point you are probably wondering what I’m talking about when I say baths. Let me try to paint a mental picture for you: outdoor pools of different temperatures, saunas, steam rooms, hammocks in the middle of a forest, comfortable adirondack chairs placed around fire pits and speaking is strongly discouraged. And no phone for distraction. Even my high-strung self was able to chill in this amazing place.

Scandinave encourages a cycle of hot-cold-relax. While the cold is not always pleasant it is a vital part of the process which is said to help to improve blood flow and active the lymphatic system. It also is supposed to help release endorphins which will help you to relax better. Hot and Relaxation are my favourite parts of the process. For hot options there is a steam sauna, a wood burning sauna and hot pools. To be perfectly honest I have tried to dip into the cold pools and every time without success. Shhh! Don’t tell the Finnish people that I am cheating the system but I still end up feeling relaxed. My excuse has been that each time I have gone it has been cool fall weather, so technically I am doing the cold thing when I’m walking from the hot pool to my relaxation spot. Anyways, I’m sure I am not experiencing it to its fullest benefits, but I still enjoy myself.

Relaxation spots include several solariums, fireplaces, a yoga studio and depending on the time of year that you visit hammocks up in the trees. This area is closed as soon as there is snow. Further proof that I am still super relaxed without the cold pools, I am often able to nap during the relaxation portion and sleeping near people I’m not familiar with is not something I’m very fond of normally.

There are recommendations of how many times you should repeat the hot-cold-relax cycle as a minimum, but there is nothing stopping you from repeating the process as many times as you want to! There is a bistro for lunch or snacks and there are tea and water stations throughout the spa. They make it easy to spend a whole day there.

The most difficult part of your day will be getting dressed and having to remember how to drive yourself back to your hotel. If you do not want to go back to your hotel after, the spa has everything you need to get ready, including hair dryers and straighteners. Fully relaxed, we headed back to clean up for a night on the town. For us this was a light meal in the village and then wine and Netflix.

For most recent price list and a full spa menu please see Scandinave Spa’s website.

Stay tuned for what else we’ve done on our Annual Whistler Girls Trips coming in future posts. Hint: theres a lot of eating amazing food involved!

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