a Quick Guide to European Coffee

European coffee art

You have made it to Europe, you stumble out of bed jet lagged and all you can think about is a good strong cup of coffee. But how do you order something you will actually enjoy drinking? Here is a guide to the different types of coffee you can find on menus in Portugal, Germany, France and The Netherlands.


Café  – Espresso

Carioca de Café – Weak espresso

Café Pingado – Espresso with a few drops of milk, similar to a macchiato but without foamed milk.

Galão – Latte

Garoto – Short espresso, topped with milk.

Abatanado – Espresso with hot water, similar to an Americano.

Café com Cheirinho – espresso with brandy

Café com Gelo – Espresso with ice. Normally served with a cup of ice on the side, and you pour the espresso over the ice yourself.

Descafeinado – decaf


Schwarzkaffee/Americano – black coffee

Milchkaffee – coffee with milk

Latte Macchiato – hot milk, espresso and foam

Entkoffeiniert – decaf 


Café – espresso

Un double café – double shot of espresso

Noisette – espresso with a few drops of milk or cream, similar to an Italian macchiato

Café Americain – filtered coffee

Café Crème – cappuccino

Un Dèca – decaf espresso

The Netherlands

Een espresso – espresso

Een dubbele espresso -double shot

Koffie verkeerd – latte

Cappuccino – this one is easy!

Cafeïnevrij – decaf

If you want coffee with milk on the side order it like this: Koffie met een kuipje melk.

I hope this guide helps you stay caffeinated in Europe, but don’t be afraid to try out something different off the menu.

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