Why do we Travel?

The world is a great and wonderful place, full of interesting people, but most of us are too busy just coping with life to get out there and see. We used to be like that. We had a comfortable life. We had jobs. We had bills. We were busy. A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and had to undergo lengthy treatment. Fortunately he recovered, but the experience made us think. What do we really want out of life? Are we really happy with the way we live?

So we decided to simplify our life, a lot. We sold almost all of our things and moved into a small trailer. Some of our friends were skeptical, wouldn’t we miss the comfort and security of our former life? But we love the freedom we now have. We are able to travel about half the year now and have already seen some amazing places.

Since we live in Canada and we don’t enjoy the winter as much as we used to we decided to travel mostly during the winter months. We try to stay in one place for longer periods of time. Whenever it is practical we rent an apartment and experience the local culture, learn some of the language and meet the people.

We are so glad that we stepped out of our comfort zone. We really love our new life and we are making friends wherever we go.

Now as the temperature begins to drop and leaves are starting to turn color in Canada we are ready to plan a new adventure. Our plan is to visit four European countries this winter Germany, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. We are excited to share this trip with all of you on Kuddelmuddel Travel.screenshot_2018-09-16-12-48-071

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