a bit about me

My name is Kayleigh, I grew up in the beautiful Shuswap Lakes area in British Columbia, Canada. The majority of my family lives in Germany so from a young age I was traveling. In fact my first transatlantic flight was when I was six months old.

My addiction has grown since then!

My travel style is low key and relaxed. I like to see the famous attractions of course, but not if it involves standing in a huge line up in the hot sun for hours or fighting the swarms of other tourists. My favourite thing to do in a new city is to wander around the neighbourhoods, popping into a the occasional shop (90% of the time I saw a pair of shoes that I MUST have) and inspecting a uniquely named pub to sample the local brews. I love to get the feel of what it would be like if I lived in the city and do things I might do on my days off. I sip my cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe watching the locals rush about their daily activities or wander leisurely around eating some gelato listening to the buskers play their instruments.

I like to capture photos quickly using my iPhone (I need those pictures for the insta posts!) as I’m strolling along the streets. I download maps of the city before I arrive so that I don’t have to worry about getting lost so that I can enjoy my walk.

Most of the time I have no plans for the next day until the night before. As I’m relaxing from a long day of putting miles on my feet I will check the weather and start making some plans based on that. I will Google to see if there are any concerts or events going on that day that interest me.

The only time I have strayed from this pattern of casualness was last summer in Paris. I had less then 48 hours in the city before I had to catch my flight back to Canada. I wanted to maximize my time there so I researched heavily on the things I knew I had to see. I even made an itinerary with travel times, and recommended visiting times. I did not get much sleep, but I did get to see almost everything on my bucket list and eat a whole lot of crêpes.

Speaking of which, food is one thing I will always do research on before landing in a new country. I like to experiment a bit with new flavours, but I always have a list (in the local language) of the foods I know I won’t be willing to try. For example in Holland on my list of not to order was ossenworst, which is raw oxen sausage. I will also make a list of things I insist on trying or good luck getting me back on the plane. In Holland again for me that was bitterballen, OMG.YUM.

But more on that later in another post!

Me – enjoying the rooftop patio at my Oma’s house in Germany


2 thoughts on “a bit about me

  1. I totally agree that this is the way to travel. You can miss out on so much just sticking to tourist attractions! The only time I don’t have a leisurely vacation is when I go to Disney World. And boy, do I love Disney World.

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