What is Kuddelmuddel?

Three years ago my life was mapped out. I was a homeowner, a hard working professional with a brand new career, life was comfortable and I had my 5 and 10 year plans all sorted out. So I thought.

One morning I woke up and everything changed, my husband and I ended up separating and eventually getting divorced. We sold our home and most of our possessions. I felt lost and confused, my 5 and 10 year plans seemed like a complete joke. I didn’t even have a plan for tomorrow. My life was a kuddelmuddel.

You are probably wondering what a kuddelmuddel is. German is such a beautiful language with endless compound words that describe ideas and feelings that English can’t even begin to attempt. A kuddelmuddel is an unstructured mess, chaos, a hodgepodge. It was the perfect word to explain my thoughts and feelings. I had more freedom than I had had in 8 years but I felt trapped. I had no clue what my next step should be.

Friends told me this was a good time to sit down and evaluate what I really wanted from my life. So I did, I slowly started to rebuild my life, but there was a nagging feeling always in the back of my head… travel… I have always suffered from Fernweh (another wonderful German word!) it literally translates as distance pain. I have this strong desire to be in places I’m not. I found it only got worse (or better depending on your viewpoint) with my new found freedom. So the dreaming and planning commenced.

I have gotten my life under control somewhat at this point but I thought kuddelmuddel was the perfect name for my blog because it started this journey for me. My priorities have changed greatly. Before I desired a comfortable life and my own home with the occasional vacation, now I am trying to live a simple life so I can maximize funds and time for traveling the world.

In the last three years I have travelled more then ever before and I would like to share my experiences with you! So Kuddelmuddel Travel is my way to share my photos and stories. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!


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